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Encounter Day 4

Good morning and welcome to daily reflections. And we're on day five of daily reflections on what does it mean to encounter? And I've been reflecting back at this week and thinking about it. And, each day we have encounter. It's amazing when you loo

k at how many people you actually.

We actually do meet in one week and I was thinking about this and how many do we engage with? And I think that's the important thing about encounter. And I think in the Bible encounter all the time and even in our daily readings we can experience encounter and and our daily reflections.

So I was thinking about today and how can you encounter today? I think the first thing is that you encounter with your family every single day. So family is quite important that you actually communicate with them. And and also that when we go out. So maybe today is a day where we should look around and should be aware of what does that mean to encounter people.

Because I think we miss lots of opportunities when we don't, when we do that. We don't. We don't get, we miss out on some of the most fantastic conversations that we can ever have with those that we don't know. And this is we live in a world that has become so individualized that we always think about our own circle of influence where we are.

But in actual fact, we've been designed to be together. We are designed To meet and group and be in groups, it's so important that we really realize who is there's around us You know I think sometimes we can look at things and we can close the doors and we can think people can come to us but the real Beauty of encounter is the adventure of faith that goes with that.

I Think if you can we can enter into other people's lives And other people's lives can be influenced and encouraged. And so can we, when we meet up with others. So that's my thoughts for the day, and I hope to see you tomorrow as we finish off this series about encounter.

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