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Encounter Day 3

Good morning and welcome to Daily Reflections on day three of this series that we call Encounter. And today I just wanted to speak to you about an encounter that Jesus had just outside of Jericho. And in the original language, the word Jericho means a place of fragrance. And I just wanted to put that there just so that we could think about what it is that that when Jesus went through what was happening there.

And it's a story of Zacchaeus when he was up the tree. And as Jesus was walking through, past Jericho, past that place of fragrance, he looked up, And he shouted out Zacchaeus name. Now, we don't know whether he knew him before or not, but the chances are that he didn't, but he knew that this was a divine appointment, and this is a divine encounter, and that Zacchaeus needed Jesus to be there.

And I think sometimes when we go to places and we ask ask what's happening, that we just don't see them. And sometimes I think if we prayed about it more often, we would probably end up with words of encouragement and words of knowledge about what is around us. And just like Zacchaeus he got up in the tree where there are people in our communities that are waiting for us, they're waiting to see, they know where we are.

And they came into our. I would say that day three, the encounter is, are you in a place where the fragrance of forgiveness and the fragrance of of love is there for you to see. Until next time, I shall see you then.

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