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Encounter Day 2

ood morning and welcome to daily reflections and we're on day two of this Series called encounter and what does it mean? to Enter in to encounter And today i'm going to reflect on one of probably one of the most well known encounters of all time And that is when jesus encountered The man being lowered through the roof and by his friends And I've just been reflecting upon that and just thinking how prepared Jesus was for interruption.

He had a house full of people. He was focusing on speaking to them. And yet, he was ready for interruption. He was ready for disturbance. And as he, as their, as his friends lowered him through, they would have had to tear off the roof and the noise would have been interrupted the whole meeting that he was, that Jesus was at.

And yet Jesus was ready because he could see that the friends had a purpose in their heart to get their friends to be able to meet Jesus. Now, what does that mean for us? I think for us he's talking about What does it mean for us to live a life of expectation that interruption is a good thing in our lives?

Many of us, we set our day out, we've got it set out, we want to, we're meeting specific people, we've got it all sorted. And and if anything gets in the way of that, we get a little bit uptight and stressed about it. But I wonder what our lives would be like if interruption... was a key factor in our lives.

I think of it quite a few times when I'm sitting and I'm chatting and maybe having a cup of coffee or just even walking or chatting or anything. And suddenly someone comes and interrupts your flow of your, either your conversation or your piece that as you're walking you're suddenly if someone comes in and interrupts that.

But maybe instead of thinking about, oh, that's an inconvenience, maybe interruptions are put there for purpose. And I wonder if God, really think, think about that is whether he's actually purposely put those things in there for you. Interruptions come usually because someone else needs.

And that's what I think in this in this scene, the friends needed for their friend to be seen so that he could be noticed. And yet Jesus didn't rebuke them. In actual fact, he said their faith was amazing. And I just wonder if in our time, that when we meet people. We realize that this is a time for divine interruption.

Are you ready for divine interruption? And are you keen and thinking about what does that mean for you and I as we live our daily lives? Are there divine appointments ready round the corner for you? And are you prepared to pause, stop and reflect? Reflect upon what it is that God is saying to you at this time.

He may be giving you some words to speak to that person. He may be that God is actually saying something to you. I think it's time to reflect on am I leading a life that is open to interruption or am I leading a life that's closed and I then become not open to others in my life? Yeah, I think this is a fantastic story, and I think it's great, you know that Jesus, the guy walked away, healed, and and walked away from a paralyzed state. If that's you today and you feel paralyzed in your faith and your witness, maybe God's got a divine interruption for you.

So until tomorrow, I shall see you then and looking forward to the third day of encounter. I'm

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