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Dreams & Visions Day 2

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

good morning to daily reflections from the hub this morning. It's August the 1st and we're carrying on with our reflections about dreams and visions and how in your life, how you aspire to that. And and one of the things we, we talked about that you must have a plan. It must be going forward, but there's the second point is one that's probably not so well light and it's basically.

Expect the opposition, expect to to feel that some negative vibes coming in. Usually when you first declare things, people say you can't, that can't be done or whatever, in John 16, 33, it says this, it says, in this world, you will have trouble, but take heart. I have overcome. And that is what happens with us when we have we feel led to do something for the Lord, and we really feel prompted to do it.

First thing you're going to see there, there'll probably be opposition to you doing that. Even from your family, from friends, from people at work or just general public. But opposition does come. What do we do? I believe that we should expect it, and we should expect it. And embrace it. And what do I mean by that?

When it comes, we should be prepared for it. We should be ready. Make sure that what your dream or your vision is, plan is really strong. And that no matter what comes against you, you'll be able to say no, this, be clear about your intentions. So that's what I mean by expecting it.

And what do I mean by embracing it? I mean by embracing it because when opposition does come, there is a harvest field of opportunity in there. Sometimes it fine tunes you. Other times, it absolutely helps others to see a clear direction for themselves. Expect it, and embrace it. And the second point I was going to say is draw strength from the only source that you can really draw pure strength from, and that's from Jesus.

Give your vision your emotions, your feelings, the way you are, you feel today to him on a daily basis, because it's not through our strength, but it's through his, it's through our weakness that. he produces strength. So if we submit on a daily basis to him, then the dreams and the visions are in his hands and we then have a really secure place where we can retreat and just ask him questions in prayer, in meditation, in reading the words.

And my third point is to grow through this challenge, I've been my wife and myself have been on a vision for a long time. Sometimes when you get something, it happens straight away. But sometimes it takes time. And you remember in the Bible, Moses, it's 40 years. I do pray that it's not going to be for us.

But we've been going for 24 years now with a vision. We've kept strong to it, kept loyal to it. And we keep seeking. And has there been problems? Yes, there have. Has it gone as I expected it to? No, it hasn't. But it's not my expectation that matters. It's not our expectation that matters. What matters is that we're on the right road.

And we're following Jesus. And we're learning, and we're growing through these challenges. And we strengthen us. Because believe it or not, We have got things that we need to get rid of as well. And as we get older and we go through these trials, we realize who, who we are in Christ.

So that's what I would encourage you this morning is to think about the things that you love and you're envisioned for. And to say then, give them to Jesus. Embrace the challenges. And be encouraged. And, and the main thing is grow daily. Don't have expectations to be the same today as you were yesterday.

Because with dreams and visions, you are on a continual journey of change and challenges. I do pray that's been a a good word for you this morning. And I pray that it encourages you to look at today. And from a different perspective when you face opposition. So until tomorrow I shall see you then.

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