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Dream & Vision Day 3

good morning and welcome to daily reflections on august the second and we are on day three of dreams and visions you're pursuing your god given dream now One of the things I know for sure is that on this journey that we've already started on. Yes, we need a plan And yes, we're going to expect opposition But the third point I want to make this morning is one that I think is very important.

And the third part is that we are to surround ourselves with supportive people. We need to have people around us who are going to build us up and help us to pursue and get to where we need to be. And one of the reasons we need that is that we we need to find people with a like mindedness that are very, that, that understand where we're coming from.

Not ones that completely agree with everything without even any opposition because it's good to surround yourself with people who think because they can help you on your journey. And maybe there are things that you've forgotten that they can correct for you, but they need to be supportive.

It needs to be done with love And I find this has been all the way through my walk with God is that There has always been some supportive people around me to help me through that, like minded Understand where I'm going. One of the things recently is that I've got a desire to see The APES ministry just absolutely start to flourish together so that where people are helping each other instead of trying to do individually things on their own.

So I surround myself with people who believe in that sort of, we've got to support each other in that area. The other thing, and the other reason why it's really good is because, encouragement and support. Because, when people come along and encourage you and support you, it lifts you to another level.

It makes you feel a lot more secure in who you are, and and everybody needs that. Everybody needs to have someone say to them, come on, I'm on your side, keep going, let's do this. Because if it isn't, then it can be quite a battle, and you can feel quite alone. So it's always really good to have those around you.

And probably one of the best reasons of all to have people around you is the wisdom and the support and the prayer. People, when they come alongside you, then, as I said earlier, they can give you advice that really is sound and making sure that you cover yourself in prayer and making sure that you.

Have a group of people around you, you are praying on a week, on a daily, weekly basis. And you're pursuing the dream and the vision. These are things that as we, go on a go on your journey or your quest towards a dream or a vision that are really important to have around you.

And I would encourage you today to, if you haven't thought about this subject, is to really think about it because, you can't do this on your own. We were built for community. Just think about those around you and ask who are doing those supportive roles and how can you involve them more in your vision or your dream?

So as for now, that's it for today. And I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, day four. On this subject of dreams and visions.

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