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Are You Ready

I've got a message for you. What does it look like to be ready? What does it look like to be in the place when God can use you? In Joshua three, four, we see this statement. Then you will know which way to go. You have never gone this way before. Do you know which way to go?

At this present moment because if we do not know where we are to go, it just brings us to a stagnation of daily living. So the first thing to work out is where are we and are we comfortable or are we missing out on what God has for us? I'd like to look at where these people were when this scripture was written and They had just traveled from one camp and drawn near to the Jordan to another camp ready to receive the new, but I wanna take you back to where they were before and they were in a place that was quite comfortable.

And was really near some supplies that they needed. In actual fact, they were very near what we call the King's Highway, which was a major trading route of that day, and still today is of really importance and. I just wanted to link into three things that I believe are the hooks that keep us trapped into the old and the comfortable, and that we can't, and we don't get to see the new coming into our lives.

On that road, they had three major. Roads that went into it. And the first one was from the south, and this was the road from Egypt. And Egypt's always represented power and oppression. And how many people today are looking for position, are looking for authority, are looking to see that they are of importance.

And, there's nothing wrong with having some of these things, but I do believe that if we go too far with them, they become hooks and we get trapped into them and we become entrapped in their power in what's behind them. And then you end up staying where you are. So an example of that is, is if you are in, if you've maybe you're a manager or a or a businessman and you have accumulated some authority, some power, when it gets very difficult to move from that place because all you want to seek is more authority, more power, and so you feel comfortable where you are.

So you feel like you've achieved. But I'm wondering whether God really wants that for us, whether he wants us to have more freedom, that we understand what that power and that authority that he has placed inside us really means. And then secondly there was another rogue that came in and it came in from Babylon.

And Babylon always represents in the Bible, sort of materialism, consumerism, look at what I have and in a world we live in today. Wow, this is so evident. And after fact, I think it's become the new religion of our age because people have become hooked into it again, this hook.

Is very cunning and it makes you think about, what do I have what they that, that somebody else has? Have I got the latest phone? Do, does my car look great? I need a new registry. All these things. Again, there's nothing wrong in having material wealth. But if you allow the power of that to seduce you and to keep you hooked in to its power, you will always stay in the place you are because you will feel comfortable with where you are.

And the third hook is coming from a Syria, what now? Damascus and down. And that is of pride. The third hook that really gets us, and it's the oldest hook of all, and that is pride. Look what I've done. Look how this is happening, what's happening here. And look at what the result is of what I'm doing.

If you get carried away in there, in that, you end up being caught in its trap. So you see, we can be comfortable Christians. And we can live in that camp. And a natural fact, a couple of the tribes actually, after they went and helped Joshua came back and lived there because that's what they wanted.

And they're, we have a choice. We either can stay very comfortable and safe. In the area of power, materialism and pride and let those hooks claw into us, or we can be, we can move to the new place. And Joshua and Israel's moved from there to a place called or Acacia Grove. And that place is a place where they stayed just for three days.

But those three days were a place of transformation. And what I would like to ask you to think about tonight is what transformation are you willing to do in this new time? If you think about it, it's been a really turbulent time that we are living at the moment, and I do believe we're all going through a transformation.

When we move forward, we will be in the right place. So what are we to do in the right place? One of the things that it says in the scripture is it says early in the morning, Joshua and all the Israelites set out for shit and went to the Jordan where they camped before crossing over. My question to you is, are you equipped with the truth?

Because it says in John 8 32, then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Are you sure you're listening and waiting for his timing? Because it's not about our position, it's about God's provision. It is not about us being satisfied. It's about our life's in purpose and promise over spilling into the life of others.

If your part is holding you, you are being stopped from moving forward.

So we need to listen and we need to seek him daily. Whilst we, we've been in lockdown, we've had that opportunity to realign ourselves to his purpose. In other words we've had this opportunity of getting closer to him, to listening to him and, if we're gonna walk into the new. We need to do that.

We need to spend more time just getting closer to each other, to praying together, to reading the scriptures together, to studying together. I always remember when I first became a Christian, I couldn't put the Bible down. And as you go on in your Christian faith, some of those first desires just drift away.

I would encourage you in this time, in this place that we are at this moment, to think about his word. To think about what does it mean to be a man or a woman of prayer? What does it mean to look at what God is doing in your life and to then move that out and then share it with others. Again, when you first become a Christian, you wanna share it with the world.

But as you get on and get more wisdom about who you know, your relationship with Christ, you tend to be a little bit more reserved. I believe that God is getting you ready for your new, is getting you ready for the new that is coming into your life at this moment. When I think about our journey Lynn and Myself's journey, and I think about how many times transition has been such an important role.

Every time, and we've been on, we've been on our journey for over 20 years, and, God has chipped away. He's transformed us into who we are today. Now we can take what he's done. And we can say, oh, that's nice and that feels great. Or we can take what he has done and say, God, use me. Send me outlaw and help me to fulfill the purpose that you created me to be.

So number one, are you in the right place? Number two, are you equipped with the truth? And number three, are you ready to cross over to the new, when you move, it brings about momentum of purpose. Are you going in the direction of, towards, instead of going back to the, to what was called the normal?

It takes us standing still to move towards, in other words, we need to stand still to reflect and a bit like Joshua and the Israelis, they sent the leaders out to to tell the Israelites that they are to wait and look and be ready. To go to follow. And they had to follow the arc and and that was a representation of the truth of his word, the presence of God, all these things that we need to move forward.

But first off, you have to wait. You have to be still. So are you being still so that you're ready to move forward?

So if we keep the word ahead of us and the truth in our hearts and we move to the truths and the calling that God has placed on us in Joshua three five, Joshua told his people, consecrate yourself for tomorrow. The Lord will do amazing things among you. The Lord will do amazing things among you. I'm wondering if.

I'm wondering if we are missing out on those amazing things, and I would like to ask you to think about those three points. I'd ask you to think about what does it mean to be ready to receive what God has for us. All the barriers are coming down now with the we're getting less and less restrictions and we're being able to open up shops and and we'll be able to mix more with people.

Do you know what I believe that God is saying to us? He is about to do amazing things. He's about to do amazing things in your family. He's about to do amazing things in your community. He is about to do amazing things in your nation and is about to do amazing things in you. So as I come to this time of reflection and prayer, I just like to call out to all those that are a, that are struggling.

Lord, I want to pray for you guys for those that are stuck in the trap of materialism, of power and pride. Those three hooks that hook into you, that really stop you from fulfilling the purpose that God has for you in your life. Lord, we just pray, Lord, that you would release.

Us from the hooks of those things. Lord, help us to turn to you and be the witness that you are asking us to be. Lord, I pray for the release of those hooks now in the lives of those that are entrapped in the influence of those three things. Amen. And for those that are waiting for God to move, but he is waiting for us to follow in a in my experience with Christians and and in the faith that I just believe that I see so many people haven't been empowered to follow the call of God and yet, He's just waiting for us to respond.

The thing is are you gonna believe what man says or are you gonna believe who God says you are? So I just want to pray for you guys. Lord, I just pray that y that for those that have felt that they're just sitting and waiting, expecting to see it happen. Lord, I just pray that you would release in them a spirit of adventure, a spirit of journeying, and an and to apply that to their lives, not to believe the lies of those that have told them that they cannot do because.

They're not capable of doing from their op, from the opinion of man. But Lord, I just pray that they hear you speaking to them and that they get empowered and released to share what they have because what they have has been given from you. And we thank you, Lord for all the work you're doing. And finally for those that have, that are starting out to follow but are finding it hard to spend time with God, I pray that you will be released from the attitude and the mindsets that are holding you captive and that you will find it easier to trust God in this time to wait upon him to.

To come close to others and to share your heart. Because when we come close together and we fellowship, it brings about encouragement and we sharpen each other up. So I just wanted to pray for them and thank them. Thank God for all those people that he's working in.

And finally, for those that don't know him, I pray that you will come into a experience with him that is like no other. You will never find a relationship that is beyond the relationship that you have with Jesus. So I ask you to just pour out your heart to him and trust him cuz he is the only one when we come to it that we really, truly can trust.

If that's you today, just follow me in this prayer. Lord, I call out to you. I pour my how out for you. I believe in you. I believe that what you did on the cross 2000 years ago was for me, and I asked you to forgive me of all my sins and that I will turn to you. And I will be your witness today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, in Jesus' name.

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