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What is a LifeGroup ?


LifeGroups are about life...


life lived in the power and presence of love, hope, care and community.   Here at CLC Online we strive to make sure you are not just a part of a church service, but rather a part of a loving community.  We want that for you at CLC Online.   We want you to feel at home! Thats why we offer LifeGroups.  Our LifeGroups are meant to offer you an environment of loving people who genuinely care about your walk with God .  Meeting online, we gather to openly discuss Bible applicability in our lives.  We tackle the tough issues, lean on each other in hard times, rejoice with each other in the good times and  learn about the love of God in our lives at all times! What are you waiting on....come join us as we discover Life together!

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VibranT, Christians based in Worthing. A place where nobody is perfect, anything is possible and everyone is welcome. Come as you are!

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